Sidewalk Motorcycle Tire Repair

Reader Contribution by Bo Miller
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A stifled belch. My oldest daughter, Heidi Rose, and I leave the Sassy Onion. We are more than full of breakfast. Its time for some Sunday back-to-college clothes shopping. We walk down the street to Bonnie, my trusty T100 Triumph Bonneville. Life is good. But something isn’t right. The bike is standing a bit more vertical than usual. It is almost to the point of tipping off of the sidestand. What’s this? A flat rear tire! Looks like it’s time for a little motorcycle tire repair.

I consider my options. One is to take the tire off and bring it to the dealer for a fix. This won’t work. The bike shops are closed. Another is to push the bike eight blocks back to the house. No way. Pushing a bike with a flat is awful work. I could leave the bike here, take the wheel home, fix it, and come back. This will take hours. It seems best to repair the tire here and now. We have a centerstand, tools, and a tire repair kit.

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