2008 Corsa Motor Classica

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Organizer Yoshi Kosaka aboard his 1968 Harley-Davidson KRTT.
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The scene at the 13th Annual Corsa Moto Classica, April 12-13, 2008.
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A priceless decal.
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A Norton Manx at speed.
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A Hailwood RC-181, now owned by Virgil Elings of the Solvang Motorcycle Museum.
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John Stein aboard his Imola Ducati, Paul Smart’s practice and back-up bike.

Willow Springs International Raceway, just 85 miles north of Los Angeles in Rosamond, Calif., played host to the 13th Annual Corsa Moto Classica April 12-13, 2008. Willow Springs, if you’ve never been, is one of just a few surviving tracks from the 1950s and an era many racers still regard as the Golden Age of racing. 1954 witnessed the track’s first motorcycle race, won by Kenny Eggers riding for BSA. Eggers, a top American racer, also took first at Daytona that year.

As the third stop in the American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association’s (AHRMA) Historic Cup Roadrace Series, Corsa Moto Classica has become a magnet for vintage race fans on the West Coast. Launched by custom bike builder and Garage Company owner Yoshi Kosaka, the Corsa Moto Classica is much more than just AHRMA racing. Saturday’s classic bike show garnered an amazing collection of rare metal (including the Honda RC-181 ridden by Mike Hailwood in the mid-1960s, see below). If you missed it, check out the Garage Company’s website for a link to more photos, and plan to attend next year, which, at press time, looks like it will be held the second weekend of April (11-12) 2009

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