Top Dogs at the 2012 Barber Vintage Festival

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Taylor Belling took Best Restored European for his 1971 Husqvarna 400 Cross, his first restoration.
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David Hurst (left) received our Best Triumph award from Triumph America CEO Greg Heichelbech (right).

Taylor Belling bought his first Husqvarna when he was just 14. Fourteen years later, he has 25 examples of the marque made famous by Malcolm Smith in Bruce Brown’s On Any Sunday, a film Belling credits with inspiring his deep obsession with the brand.

Now sole proprietor of Norton Guitar Works in Buffalo, N.Y., where he sells vintage guitars, amps and, yes, classic motorcycles (“I believe I am the only store that offers vintage guitars and classic motorcycles,” Belling says), Belling took our trophy for Best Restored European at the Motorcycle Classics Vintage Motorcycle Show during the 2012 Barber Vintage Festival with his 1971 Husqvarna 400 Cross. Belling sold the Cross, his first restoration effort and two years in the making, shortly after the show to fund his next two projects; a stock 1971 Husky 360C Enduro 8-speed and a replica of the 1970 Husky 250 8-speed that Malcolm Smith rode in the 1970 ISDT and in the film On Any Sunday.

Belling was joined on our podium by David Hurst, who took top honors in our special Triumph class for his immaculate 1966 Triumph Bonneville TT100, which he rode into our show to prove it’s more than just another pretty face. One of fewer than 800 built for 1966, Hurst’s Triumph is a rare treat any day.

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