The King of Moto Shindigs Returns

More than sixty-thousand motorcyclists congregated for the 16th Annual (Except-For-Last-Year) Barber Vintage Festival in October 2021.

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by Corey Levenson
Kings of the jungle oversee the weekend’s events.

It was touch-and-go in the days leading up to the 2021 edition of Barber Vintage Festival. On the Wednesday before the event, thirteen inches of rain drenched Birmingham, Alabama. But by Friday, Mother Nature had relented, fans began swarming in and the three-day par-tay was underway.

The fifteen-year run of annual Barber Vintage Festivals was interrupted in 2020, another casualty of the pandemic. The event bounced back full-strength in 2021 with more than sixty-thousand motorcyclists congregating for the 16th Annual (Except-For-Last-Year) Barber Vintage Festival held October 8-10, 2021.

Yes, we were still fighting a pandemic and yes, it was a large gathering of people but, hey; we ride motorcycles and we’re OK with a bit of risk. Was it worth it?

Hell, yeah! Two years is a long time to go without seeing old friends, smelling race gas, drooling on immaculately restored motorcycles, and foraging through other people’s junk in a giant swap meet.

The Barber event is the Big Enchilada of vintage motorcycle festivals. Other events have racing, swap meets, and bike shows but they come up short when compared to the Barber Vintage Festival, which stands out as the premier event of its kind and is a “bucket list” item for anyone who loves classic and historic motorcycles.

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