2017 Ride ’Em, Don’t Hide ’Em Getaway

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Jeff Wing swings his 1975 BMW R90S through a sweeper on the Saturday ride.
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Buggies were a common sight in the Amish territory we rode through.
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A brace of Norton Commandos outside our staging area at Seven Springs Resort.
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Repeat Getaway participant Charles Gault brought two bikes — one for each day — including his 1985 Yamaha RZ350.
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Special guest Mark Mederski comes to the rescue with tools to fix a collapsing shock on editor Backus’ BMW R75/5.
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Participants admire one another’s bikes. The ride was effectively a rolling vintage bike show, with dozens of incredible machines.
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The ride route took us on beautiful backroads like this one running past the historic Comptons Mill, which was built in 1872.
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There are miles and miles of fantastic roads like this rolling through southwestern Pennsylvania.
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Mark Mederski (second from left) and swap meet meister Will Stoner (far right) hanging out with participants during Saturday’s lunch stop.
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Pete Burrows rode his Triumph X75 Hurricane. Nick Pechin from Hawaii (!) rode his Moto Guzzi T3. Pete also owns the BSA A10 Super Rocket.
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Horsepower overtakes horse power.
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A satisfied Joe Block with his 80,000-mile 1974 Ducati 750, one of three on the ride.
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Joel Samick replaces a broken clutch cable on Steve and Marsha Wright’s Kawasaki KZ750 twin.
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Jake Galek on his sweet 1976 Moto Guzzi Convert.
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Bob Vail and his “Similaria” BMW, a 1974 R75/6 made to look like a 1928 R52.
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Melissa Geiken and Joel Lacer on a borrowed Honda Interceptor.
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Burt Richmond gives editor Backus an Italian “greeting.”
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2016 special guests Brian and Dian Slark returned for 2017.
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Group photo at the Casselman River Bridge.

The 2nd Annual Motorcycle Classics Ride ’Em, Don’t Hide ’Em Getaway is in the books. Fifty-three Motorcycle Classics readers joined us for a two-day ride, Aug. 4-6, 2017, in southern Pennsylvania’s Laurel Highlands, much of the ride running through the area’s little-known Amish country.

There wasn’t a four-lane to be seen and we barely touched any major two-lane highways as we meandered through the surrounding countryside, our Saturday route following 110 miles of narrow, seemingly forgotten secondary roads.

The morning portion of the ride took us deep into the area’s Amish country, the landscape punctuated by picture-perfect farms and the roads regularly occupied by horse-drawn buggies and their Amish occupants. Young Amish boys watched us roll by, extending exaggerated twists of the wrist in hopes of us doing the same for a little audible treat. Lunch was in the tiny burgh of Grantsville just over the Maryland border, followed by a group photo at Casselman River Bridge a few hundred yards away. Spanning 80 feet, the Casselman River Bridge was the largest stone arch bridge in the U.S. when it was built in 1813.

A broken clutch cable on Steve and Marsha Wright’s late ’70s Kawasaki KZ750 twin at the post-lunch gas stop threatened to end their ride until RetroTours’ Joel Samick, who was riding an identical KZ750 twin, pulled a spare from under his seat and had the cable swapped out in quick order. When Steve tried to pay for the cable Joel pushed his money away, saying simply, “You’d do the same for me, right?”

It was a perfect moment, followed by many more as we finished out the day’s ride, stopping along the way at the 3,213-foot summit of Mt. Davis, the highest point in Pennsylvania, before heading back out on more great twisty two-lanes as we worked our way back to Seven Springs in the afternoon.

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