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Reader Contribution by Richard Backus
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Many vintage bike fans are unaware of the Antique Motorcycle Foundation. A non-profit educational group founded in 2007, the AMF helps educate the public about the important role motorcycles have played in technology and culture. It’s an important organization performing necessary and valuable work, and they need your help by taking a short online survey telling them what it is about old motorcycles and the people who ride them that motivate you.

The mission of the AMF is simple: To share the story of antique motorcycling with the public and to create awareness, understanding and an appreciation for two- and three-wheeled transportation and its contribution to history and technological development.

This survey will help them fulfill that goal, and we encourage all vintage bike fans to take the AMF survey now. When you’re done, take a moment to check out the AMF website and familiarize yourself with who they are and what they do. You’ll be impressed, and glad to know an organization such as this exists to help support and foster interest in vintage motorcycles. — Richard Backus

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