Trippin’ on Two Wheels – On the Road – Part III

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Day Three: Our boys on the road, Neale Bayly (left), Dennis Gage (center)
and Sam Gage stop at, appropriately enough, a classic diner in Evans, Georgia.

This just in from our man Neale Bayly, who’s riding a 1968 Moto Guzzi V7 along with Dennis Gage (1969 BMW R69S) and Gage’s son, Sam (1973 BMW R75/5), on a 1000-mile tour to St. Augustine, Florida, for the 10th Annual Riding Into History classic motorcycle show. The trip will form the sixth episode of Gage’s award-winning show, Trippin’ on Two Wheels, airing on SPEED TV, and we’ll run an exclusive article on the ride after it wraps up: Neale writes:

“Day three started at the Fieldstone Farm Inn. Let’s just say bizarre with a Capital Weird and leave it at that. Dennis was in rare form and we roared off into the a misty morning and a quick gas stop. Must have got the pills right, I’d say. By third gear I had my Mojo working, Dennis’ was grinning profusely behind his mustache, which was completely horizontal at this point, and all was well in Westminster South Carolina. Today we had 280 miles in front of us so we had to push on and ride. No complaints from the boys, and Old Mother Goose was running along like a song. We made a few stops to film, and rolled on down to the flat lands. The roads are a little rougher in South Carolina, but the traffic was light and I for one was glad to just ride.

Dennis gets in some face time with the video camera at the Evans diner.

“Lunch was another riot when we found a diner in Evans. It didn’t take three minutes to have all the waitresses out posing on the bikes and Dennis signing autographs. It’s a lot of fun traveling with a celeb. We ate meat loaf and had a hoot with our lovely hosts before blasting off into the sunset. Well, it was still early afternoon, but it sounds cool.

Always lookin’ for opportunity: Dennis signs autographs
while one of the waitresses at the diner poses on his R69S.

“The afternoon ride was bliss. Just rolling, rolling, rolling and all the bikes doing just great. At 5p.m. Dennis had to do a live TV phone interview, so we hung out in the small town of Register, Ga., while he did his thing. Got some great photos and enjoyed chilling out while he worked. Sounds like most of this trip.

Cheesecake: Down the road in Savannah, Neale coaxes a
comely lass into some photos aboard the V7.

“On the way into Savannah, we got caught in some serious rain. Down to 30mph on the Interstate, it was the heaviest rain for the Trippin’ team yet, but the old beast just kept plowing on. Hitting town as the sun was sinking made for the next adventure as we found the cobble stones along the water front. We made some passes and met lots of Dennis’ new best friends as we shot some footage on the super cool street. Savannah is just incredible. Historic buildings, the smell of honey suckle in the air, and a fabulous hotel booked. The Presidents Quarters. After a long day in the saddle it was cool and welcoming. We ended up shooting interviews till late and the midnight hour found us eating red beans and rice, listening to live music in a funky bar as huge tankers slid by heading off somewhere in the world.

“With the chance of a few hours sleep, it’s off to the land of zzz with day four on the horizon.”

Neale, Sam and Trip Master D.

Beefcake: Dennis and the R69S, on the road somewhere in Georgia.

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