Today is Ride to Work Day!

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Today, Monday, June 20, is national Ride to Work Day. Whether you own a 1,200c Harley or a 49cc Honda Spree moped, we’re encouraging all motorcycle and scooter riders to show their support for motorcycles and scooters by leaving the family car in the garage and hopping on their two-wheeler. Whether you’re heading to work or just down the street to the store, leave the car and take the bike. It means that many fewer cars on the road and shows other drivers the benefits of reduced congestine and lower fuel use that two-wheelers bring.

This is something of a milestone in Ride to Work Day, being the 20th annual for the event, and thank Aero Designs’ Andy Goldfine for establishing this annual marker. Goldfine, a regular rider and a classic bike fan, began the push for an annual Ride to Work Day as a way to encourage riders to make their presence felt. It’s estimated that 150,000 additional riders take to the streets on Ride to Work Day, a number certain to be noticed by average drivers tooling along in their SUVS, taking up four times the road space of a bike and typically using two to three times the fuel. Learn more about the event by visiting the Ride to Work website. See you on the road! – Richard Backus

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