Buzz Walneck to Launch The Buzzzzz Rag

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“The Buzzzzz Rag” magazine by Buzz & Pixie Walneck

Starting in June, Buzz Walneck will bring out The Buzzzzz Rag motorcycle magazine. It will be an “old school” style magazine with lots of old road tests reprinted, and they will ask readers/subscribers to mail or call in requests for specific makes or model road tests. Buzz has accumulated a lot of motorcycle magazines over the last 60-years has been itching to do this for while; with the blessing of Pixie and their son Ed, Buzz will be making this new venture a fun, old-style and easy read.  

The first issue will be 36-pages of old road tests and stories with both dealer display ads and readers’ personal bikes and parts FOR SALE or Wanted! Buzz expects the magazine to grow quickly through national circulation at motorcycle swap meets and motorcycle museums, as well as subscriptions. It will immediately have a 5,000+ print and will be available at the AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days event and many motorcycle museums and swap meets across the country, as well as through print and online subscriptions. 

A $25 subscription for a year gets you 12 (monthly) issues, E-book access and one FREE black & white photo ad with up to 20 words. Call for yours at (630)-985 -2097 and it will be Pixie or Buzz answering your calls. Help get the ball rolling and subscribe now! Send a check to Walneck’s Inc, 7923 Janes  Ave., Woodridge, Illinois 60517 Email: (5 z’s). 

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