Classic Scene: Hill Country Motorheads Vintage Motorcycle Museum

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An eclectic assortment of vintage motorcycles is on display while period artwork and promotional materials decorate the walls.
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A Russ Collins dragster powered by two Honda CB750 4-cylinder engines.
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A reproduction 1910 Harley-Davidson.
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This Suzuki TS90 motocrosser is an exact replica of the bike museum proprietor Pat Hanlon shared and raced with his brother in the early 1970s.
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A WWII-era Triumph twin.
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The museum entrance.
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A lovely BSA twin flat tracker.
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A pair of Yamaha 2-stroke racers.
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Classic scramblers like this BSA share floor space with vintage flat trackers.
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A Rotax-powered Harley-Davidson.
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An OSSA with rider — high overhead.
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Hill Country Motorheads Vintage Motorcycle Museum in Burnet, Texas.
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Offroad machines predominate, but there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Springtime in the Lone Star State typically brings fields carpeted with wildflowers, but this year something special has popped up in the middle of Central Texas: a new museum full of classic bikes.

The Hill Country Motorheads Vintage Motorcycle Museum in Burnet, Texas, had its grand opening on April 14, 2018, after a dozen years of planning and more than two years of hard work. The museum is the brainchild of Pat Hanlon, a baby boomer who first fell in love with motorcycles in the 1960s and 1970s. Not surprisingly, the bikes from that era are prominently featured in the new museum, and if you were riding motorcycles during those years, odds are good the museum will induce nostalgia.

Pat raced motocross in the early 1980s, and when he stopped competing he started collecting bikes. By 2005 he had acquired about 100 motorcycles and was faced with a choice: either preside over a large private collection of dusty old bikes, or start a museum and share his toys with the public. We can all be thankful that Pat chose wisely.

The museum occupies about 7,000 square feet and is comprised mainly of two large rooms: an exhibit hall where the collection is on display and a large, open communal room (the “Man Cave”) with a pool table, big-screen TV, a long counter and a bunch of motorcycle posters and memorabilia.

When considering the layout for the new museum, Pat took inspiration from two other museums: the Early Years of Motocross Museum in Villa Park, California, set up by the late AMA Hall of Famer Tom White and the Harley-Davidson museum in Milwaukee.

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