Motogiro USA 2015 Fall Event in Asheville, North Carolina

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The Motogiro USA event for the fall of 2015 will be held in Asheville, North Carolina, on the weekend of Oct. 2-4.

Asheville at that time of the year is absolutely beautiful and the roads are some of the most scenic in the U.S. It was said that the roads through the mountains in this area are the closest you can come to the Alps in the U.S. for beauty and riding.

It will be a bit of a travel hike for some that are used to doing Motogiro events in their New England backyards but the trip south will be greatly worth it. This is the high season for tourism for this part of the country, and the resort town of Asheville is a highly sought tourist destination. Will Paley who has run in many of our Giros is the event chairperson, lives in Asheville and has set an outstanding course. Assisting Will in the layout of the course is Doug Perry from Virginia who has also participated in Motogiro USA events.

Will has done a great job in negotiating the rooms for our base hotel; however room prices will be slightly higher than what we have come to expect in past Giros. These slightly higher prices reflect the prime time of the year for Asheville accommodations.

If the recent past Giros are any indicator, the event should fill to capacity in a very short time after registration opens. The Spring Motogiro East event filled to the 150-rider capacity in approximately two weeks. We are releasing the entry early to all previous Motogiro riders as a courtesy, guarantee rooms at the reserved price and plan enough in advance for a possible longer trip to the start.

We anticipate picking up many new riders from the Southern location. Many of the participants in the previous Motogiro South event are excited to be able to participate again and have spread the word on this great riding event.

As a bonus for those with more time off, the Fall Motogiro USA event is the weekend prior to the Vintage event at Barber Motorsport Park in Birmingham, Alabama. That event is the largest vintage motorcycle event in the U.S. and a must-see not only for the races but also for the flea market and world-class museum.

Once again, please consider entering the Motogiro USA fall event in Asheville.  Enter early to ensure a slot and hotel room. Entries should be sent by regular USPS to Joyce who will send a confirmation letter and hotel information.

See you in Asheville!

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