Legend of the Motorcycle Postponed

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The 4th Annual Legend of the Motorcycle Concours d’Elegance has been postponed until 2010, victim of the current economic downturn. “The decision is due to the effect the world economy has had on many sponsors, and while deciding not to produce the show next year was very difficult, it was the most prudent. We’d never do anything to compromise the quality of the Concours,” says co-founder Jared Zaugg.

Zaugg continued, saying, “We’d rather suspend the event than see it done halfway and I’m sure those that have participated would agree. This has been a true labor of love and something we strongly believe in, so we look forward to reinstating it after this hiatus.”

The good news is that founders Jared Zaugg and Brooke Roner are busy planning the 2010 event, which we understand will likely be held at Torry Pines Resort, a tony gulf course on the coast of Southern California just outside La Jolla. The planned move is a response to unpredictable May weather in Half Moon Bay, California, and, perhaps, a less than embracing welcome from the Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay where the show’s been held the past three years.

Zaugg, who told us privately of the show’s postponement before the official announcement, is adamant the quality of the show not suffer because of the current economic climate. “This has been a very difficult decision but I’ll be damned if I compromise the quality of the show,” Zaugg said. Given the incredible amount of organization that goes into the event, and the incredible quality of entries Zaugg and Roner have been able to draw the last three years, the decision to wait a year for the economic climate to level out not only makes good sense, it’s unquestionably the only way to ensure the show maintains the high status it’s gained in a very short time, but could lose even quicker if poorly executed. – Richard Backus

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