The learning curve – with a twist

Reader Contribution by Alison Green
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I have owned and ridden some sort of motorcycle for an astonishing number of years. (at least it is astonishing to me!) During this time and with considerable good luck, I have managed to continue without any broken bones or nasty scrapes. My pride has taken a beating on occasion, but not my hide.

However, after all of these years I am still puzzled by the reactions of casual, and not so casual, acquaintances when they discern that I choose ride a motorcycle.  These are not close friends or family concerned about my welfare; just the everyday, “Hi, how are you” sort of acquaintances who react to my riding gear and helmet as if I were contagious.

Immediately after the initial formalities, they will launch into some mis-heard and poorly repeated story about some friend of a distant cousin who came to grief on a motorcycle.  

Is this a misguided concern for my safety? Are they trying to make me reconsider my evil ways? Do they simply enjoy seeing other people squirm at the recounting of the gory details? I simply don’t know.

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