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Barber Vintage Festival 2019

Best Honda Four went to Jim Culora and his 1979 Honda CB750F Super Sport, peppered with a slew of "tasty" '80s mods".The Barber Vintage Festival seems to get bigger and better every year. This year's event, which ran Oct. 4-6, was maybe the hottest temps we've ever faced, but we're told ticket ...


Onwards and Sideways

Welcome, friends. Last issue in this space you read about the changes going on around here, yet despite a slightly-less-old guy behind the desk, the song remains the same. The only minor change this issue is you now get to read the drivel of not one, but two Motorcycle Classics editors. ...


The Way We Weren’t in ’73

Now that I’m as old as my father was when I used to think that he was old, I’m even beginning to sound like my old man when he’d share sage advice with me. Moreover, now that I’m on the dole, so to speak, recouping some of my investments, so to speak, via monthly Social Security checks, ...

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