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CruzTOOLS and Pro Honda Oils and Chemicals

Fitted neatly together in a roll-up portable pouch, CruzTOOLS’ RoadTech M3 Metric Tool Kit packs many tools that Japanese motorcycles, old and new, may require on the road. And it’s more complete than a typical stock tool kit, with combination wrenches from 8mm to 14mm, a proper adjustable ...

Reviving a Honda CL350

You know how occasionally, someone says something that’s obvious to everyone but yourself? Years ago, a girlfriend commented (most likely while watching her BF grapple with a derelict car repair), “You know, I’ve never seen you happier than when something’s broken.” That offhanded ...

Behind the Vintage Tour Cross

Prepping vintage enduros for a 350-mile road trip and race requires more than just good planning; you need good parts and gear, too. Photos by Seth DeDoes.Two days and 350 road miles hauling luggage followed by a day of motocross racing is a lot to ask of a trio of 42- to 48-year-old vintage ...

Behind The Longest Hour: The Hagerty Insurance 2017 Barber Bike Build

With the Dunlop Geomax MX3S tires fitted, John L. Stein rolls on a new Regina chain in preparation for racing at Barber in 2017.The challenge sounded easy enough: Find two race-eligible dirt bikes at the 2017 Barber swap meet, fix them, and go racing. What could go wrong? Lots, actually. Yet ...

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