1922 Triumph Motorcycle

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Claimed power: 3-1/2 HP (taxable rating)
Top speed: 65mph
Engine: 499cc air-cooled, single cylinder four stroke
Ignition: Magneto
Bore/Stroke: 81mm x 97mm
Valves: Four valve, pushrod activated
Fuel system: Single carburetor
Transmission: Three speed, hand shift
Suspension: Front single spring girder fork, rigid rear
Brakes: Front bicycle style, rear vee block on pulley
Weight: 270lbs

This 1922 Triumph motorcycle was a very well constructed and durable design, proven in the battlefields of World War I.

The unique feature of this bike is the four-valve cylinder head designed by British engineer, Harry Ricardo. Although a simple machine, the “Riccy,” as proud owners would refer to their machines, was a popular and reliable early motorcycle.

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