1955 Vincent Black Knight

1955 Vincent Black Knight

Country: Great Britain
Engine: Air-cooled, 47F V-twin four stroke
Battery and coil
Power rating:
45hp @ 5,500rpm
Bore x stroke:
84mm x 90mm
Overhead, pushrod activated
Fuel system:
Twin Amal 389 Monobloc carburetors
Four speed
Front Vincent Girdraulic fork, rear pivoted frame
Front and rear twin drum

The final versions of this famous brand were the all-enclosed Series D, the Black Knight on display here is an updated version of a Rapide. New features were a hand operated center stand, and coil ignition for easy starting. Vincent assumed that their wealthy customers would appreciate the added weather protection that the new fairing offered, but they wanted a naked version, where they could see that magnificent motor. Sales of these new models were disappointing, and Vincent closed their doors.

Published on Sep 25, 2014
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