1971 Triumph Trident Production Racer

1971 Triumph Trident Production Racer

Country: Great Britain
Engine: Air-cooled, 3-cylinder 4-stroke
Ignition: Battery and Coil
Power Rating: 74hp @ 8,500rpm
Bore x Stroke: 67mm x 70mm
Displacement: 740cc
Valves: Overheard, pushrod activated
Fuel System: Three Amal 27mm concentric carburetors
Transmission: Quaife close ratio 5-speed
Suspension: Front telescopic fork, twin shock rear
Brakes: Front and rear disc
Weight: 410lb
Top Speed: 145mph

In an effort to boost sales of their street machines, Triumph built special versions to compete in the popular production racing class. While looking close to stock on the outside, these bikes were prepared in the factory race shop to a very high state of tune. The three-cylinder machines were very successful, with a sister machine to this one winning the Isle of Man production TT no fewer than five times.

Published on Mar 12, 2014
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