Steve Sullivan’s 1975 Triumph Trident

A reader shares his winter project, a nicely restored Triumph Trident, which he bought several years ago.

Reader Contribution by Steve Sullivan
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by Steve Sullivan

Before and after

I thoroughly enjoy your magazine and thought I would show you my winter project. I purchased this 1975 Triumph Trident as a basket case a few years ago and finally put the finishing touches on it. This was the unobtainable Superbike to me in high school. I could have built two motorcycles from all the parts it came with. After hours of cleaning, sorting, replacing rotten rubber parts and polishing aluminum, I got the bike running this summer. I de-chromed several parts and had them painted in their original color and had the tank properly done with period-correct paint found by a vendor in your magazine.

It is a pleasure to ride around, and I’m amazed at all the comments and thumbs-up I receive. Enclosed are two pictures. I’m pretty sure you can tell which one is the before and which one is the after.

Steve Sullivan/Weldon Spring, Missouri

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