1957 Honda Benly

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<h2>1957 Honda Benly</h2>
<strong>Country: </strong>Japan<br />
<strong>Engine: </strong>Air-cooled, single cylinder four stroke<br />
<strong>Ignition: </strong>Battery and coil<br />
<strong>Power rating: </strong>8 bhp @ 7,200 rpm<br />
<strong>Bore x stroke: </strong>57 x 49mm<br />
<strong>Displacement:</strong> 125cc<br />
<strong>Valves: </strong>Overhead, pushrod activated<br />
<strong>Fuel System: </strong>Single Amal carburetor<br />
<strong>Transmission: </strong>Three speed<br />
<strong>Suspension: </strong>Front leading link forks, rear plungers<br />
<strong>Brakes: </strong>Front and rear drum<br />
<strong>Weight: </strong>282 lbs<br />
<strong>Top speed: </strong>55 mph</p>
<p>By 1957 Honda motorcycles continued to be developed, but still retained many of the features of the German machines, such as the pressed steel frame and leading link front suspension. In two short years they entered the lucrative U.S. market and also won the team prize in the Isle of Man T.T. races with 125cc machines.</p>
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