Flog ‘Em If You Got ‘Em: Jeff Thompson’s 1968 Honda CB160

Motorcycle enthusiast Jeff Thompson has restored a 1968 Honda CB160, and it’s now ridden yearly in the Rocky Mountain MotoGiro in Canada.

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by Grant Robinson

Since this magazine’s inception, its motto has been Ride ‘Em, Don’t Hide ‘Em. It’s right there, over the Motorcycle Classics title on the cover of every issue.

Jeff Thompson of British Columbia, Canada, subscribes to that theory, as the machines in his collection get routine use. But, in the case of his 1968 Honda CB160 seen here, that motto could be changed to Flog ‘Em, Don’t Hide ‘Em.

While he’ll ride the CB160 on the winding roads around his Kelowna property, it’s a bike he enjoys using annually at the Rocky Mountain MotoGiro. Designed for motorcycles 1969 and older and 250cc and less, this MotoGiro consists of a 186-mile endurance ride and a timed 6.8-mile hill climb. According to Thompson, “The MotoGiro is a real test for machines, and for my CB160 that means continuous all-day operation at between 8,000rpm and redline at 10,000rpm.

“It never complains, and I really think the 160cc engine platform is one of Honda’s best.”

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