Get Ready for the Honda Relay Rally Across America

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Attention Honda Four owners! The online Single Over-Head Cam 4 Forums is organizing one of the coolest rides we’ve heard of in a long time, the 2011 Relay Rally Across America. Mapped out to hit every state in the Lower 48, plus Canada and maybe even Alaska at the very end, the 187-day relay starts March 12, 2011, at Daytona International Speedway in Florida.

We heard about the relay from SOHC4 forum member Jerry Griffin, who’s taken on the job of relay coordinator. From what Jerry’s told us, and from scouring through related posts on the SOHC4 forum, the relay is taking on a life of its own, with SOHC Honda owners across the U.S. and Canada signing on for relay legs.

The route meanders across the U.S. so as to hit every state in the Lower 48, starting in Florida and working west across the southern part of the country to California, then doubling back east across the country’s mid-section before heading up the East Coast, then back west again through the Great Lakes region, into the Upper Midwest, Canada, then the Pacific Northwest and, maybe finally, the western edge of Canada and up into Alaska.

Jerry says they hope to make it to Canada and points northwest by the end of the summer, with each leg of the relay ridden either by a member of the SOHC4 forum or a suitably insane “guest.” Instead of a baton, riders will hand off a Godzilla doll at the end/beginning of each leg, and riders will complete log books detailing their efforts. SOHC Honda owners who aren’t already members should log on to the SOHC4 forum, sign up to become a member and get involved in what will surely be one of the great rides of the decade.

We’ve hoping to play a small role in the event, posting blog updates and photos of the rally’s progress as riders work their way across the U.S. We think this is about the coolest, wackiest ride we’ve heard of yet, and can’t wait to see how it all pulls together. We plan on posting our first blog update on March 13, the day after the first leg starts, with regular entries following. Heck, we might even have to give this ride its own blog page! Check back often, this is gonna be one hell of a great ride. – Richard Backus

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