Allen Brotz's 1973 Yamaha Enduro Lineup

| 6/15/2011 3:46:00 PM

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Allen Brotz's full line of 1973 Yamaha Enduro motorcycles.   

One of the highlights of the 2011 Road America Vintage Motorcycle Classic was the full line of 1973 Yamaha Enduro motorcycles displayed by Allen Brotz, Sheboygan, WI, in the Motorcycle Classics Ride & Show. Allen is a pro when it comes to setting up an informative display as the bikes featured descriptive signs and were lined up by size. Here's what Allen has to say about each bike and his quest for collecting the full line:   

73 yamaha 7 
1973 Yamaha RT3 360cc Enduro.     

1973 Yamaha RT3 360cc
"Bought in 1996, this was definitely the best find of the bunch. I was lucky to find this classic and buy it from the original owner. Everything was original in every detail including the battery (which is now new). He still had the original owner's manual, service manual and break-in manual. It is my personal favorite and my daily ride."  

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1973 Yamaha DT3 250cc Enduro.

1973 Yamaha DT3 250cc
"Bought in 1997, this classic was a basket case. As seen in Old Bike #78, this motorcycle was on its way to the scrap pile. Fortunately, what I thought might be a destroyed engine turned out to be a clip in the transmission where it did not belong. The top end also needed to redone. A rebore and oversize piston were also installed. This was the biggest challenge of all of my enduros and I turned to Charlie Lacy at Enduro Classics in Culpepper, Va., for help. As usual, he came through with all of the parts I needed, and I was lucky enought to find another DT3 to the remaining parts I needed." 

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