SOHC/4 Forum Honda Relay Crosses Appalachians into Kentucky

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The planned dates and destinations in the SOHC/4 Forum
2011 Honda Relay Ride Across America. An updated pdf can be found here

With near freezing temperatures and snow on the ground, the SOHC/Four forum ride across America scaled the mountainous, snow-covered bi-ways of West Virginia April 3rd and handed-off the ride mascot to the next geographic region, Team Southeast. The next weekend the relay/rally would continue heading out of Lexington, KY for points south and some hoped-for warmer weather and a much-anticipated visit and pace lap at the Barber Motorsports Park and Museum outside Birmingham, AL.

An updated ride schedule, always subject to change and only looking at the next several weeks plans, is posted here. For those just catching up on this six-month long effort to cruise through every stare in the lower 48s and each Canadian Province, you can  get in on the planning and get more details at the SOHC/4 Forum

Over a couple weekends in 2011 a forum member and ride participant  emerged as one who will certainly be one of the “notables” of this incredible journey. C’villechopper, as he is known by his forum handle, or James Carr in real life, has in his own way captured not only the essence of this event, but the spirit of vintage motorcycle enthusiasm. James doesn’t ride a perfectly restored Honda SOHC sandcast CB750. No, his mount is a modest CB500 with a 550 mill. It’s an everyday rider that would only turn the head of true aficionado. Never considered anything close to a cruiser, it was clearly up for steep grades across the mountains in snowy conditions. James and his bike are the “true grit” of vintage biking.

James is also very good at getting to the nub of story. He’s posted a personal blog about he trek over the past couple weekend – two days, really – which covered over 1000 miles in often very tough riding conditions. His story is a very personal tale where you will learn that his love of motorcycling is only exceeded by his affections for his wife and infant child. This is one very thoughtful 30-something biker. If James is any reflection of the upcoming generation of vintage bike enthusiasts, the passion for the genre is in capable hands and will certainly continue to thrive.

Read James’ story. You’ll be glad you did. It’s a good bet you’ll see at least a little bit of yourself in his tale. Enjoy!

See you down the road. – Steve Shanesy

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