Peter Tremulis’ 1975 Yamaha DT250

A reader shares a neglected Yamaha DT250 that had spent most of its life in an RV park.

Reader Contribution by Letter Peter Tremulis
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by Peter Tremulis

EBay find

I saw this bike (a 1975 Yamaha DT250) on Barn Finds and then won the bid on eBay. I have been having fun replacing worn parts while keeping the original paint and low miles intact. YouTube, eBay and others have been a great source of parts. I rebuilt the carb, put in new lights, even in the speedo and tach, fixed some small shorts in various old wires and had a Yamalube oil pump rebuilt by the best in the business. I also picked up an original shop manual and owners’ manual to add to my knowledge about this amazing machine. I also picked up a Nexx helmet to add to the riding pleasure. This bike was confined to an RV park by its original owner for most of its life. I purchased it from a dealer in Arizona through eBay that handled the sale for the RV park owner who was ready to sell it. It’s a time capsule with patina from its life putting around the RV park. Please share it with your readers. I’m looking forward to warmer weather so I can stretch it out once again.

Peter Tremulis/Deerfield, Illinois

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