Steve Anthes’ Honda CB750 and S90

A reader shares his 1969 Honda CB750, and a S90 turned into a dirt bike, and memories sparked by past Rides and Destinations articles.

Reader Contribution by Steve Anthes
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by Steve Anthes
Steve Anthes’ 1969 Honda CB750.

Great January/February issue on many levels. Before some readers get their leathers in a bunch, I for one enjoy the reviews of modern classics like the Royal Enfield 650 Twins. The new Ducati Scrambler, the Honda CB1100 and the Norton 961 are well-engineered machines displaying a classic design while using modern technology. Nothing wrong with that. The article on the RE 650 hit a nostalgic nerve since I lived in Santa Cruz, California, in the early 1980s and recognize West Cliff Drive as a background for the photos. I rebuilt a 1969 CB750 that was my only transportation for years. Rides along the Pacific Coast Highway and into the redwoods to Alice’s Restaurant are fond memories. And the mention of my hometown, Manasquan, New Jersey, in Rides and Destinations triggered a flashback. Many rides along Ocean Avenue 50 years ago on my first bike, a Honda S90, are long gone but not forgotten. I turned the S90 into a dirt bike with Ceriani forks and raced in the Monmouth Shore Points MC club enduros. As a former industrial designer, I enjoyed the article on the Maico Mobile MB200 scooter. The design is a beautiful example of form and function. Art nouveau on two wheels. Keep the great articles coming in my favorite magazine. I read each issue cover to cover in two days – then reread again while anxiously waiting the next issue.

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