Honda CBX SuperBraces from Randakk’s

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Through a special arrangement with the manufacturer, Randakk’s is now the world’s exclusive supplier of genuine SuperBrace fork braces for the CBX!

SuperBraces are stocked for all carbureted Goldwings: GL1000, GL1100, GL1200 and GL1500.

This is one of my favorite products. The front suspension on vintage Hondas like early ’Wings and CBXs is a “weak link” design element. This product can make your OEM hardware perform a bit better. Not up to GP racer standard, but the improvement is definitely noticeable.

A fork brace won’t “fix” mechanical, tire or other real problems. It does make a subtle improvement over a perfectly working stock suspension. Some riders won’t notice. But riders with heightened senses, above average riding skills and sharp awareness of the bike’s feedback will notice … especially as the pace picks up and the quality of the road worsens.

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