1970 Triumph T120 Fork Leg Thoughts

A reader wants to make sure the fork legs on his 1970 Triumph T120 don’t leak. What sealer should he use?

Reader Contribution by Crocker Bennett
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by Keith Fellenstein

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Fork leg thoughts

Q: I am putting my 1970 Triumph T120 fork legs back together after some work on them. I want to make sure that they don’t leak where the dust covers mate with the lower legs (at the threaded junction). A friend said any good silicone sealer would work. Do you think Permatex High-Temp RTV Silicone Gasket Maker would be appropriate? I just happen to have some in my shop. I guess the issue is whether that would make it too hard to undo them down the road? I enjoy your column. Keep the rubber side down.

Crocker Bennett/via email

A: I too would be concerned about disassembling them the next time. If you go this route I’d only smear a little on a few threads, not the entire threaded portion. I wonder if Anti-Seize would work? It’s a heavy grease. Kill two birds with one stone perhaps?

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