Apply an Epoxy Sealer on a Leaking Gas Tank

Reader Contribution by Keith Fellenstein
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I have never been a fan of using tank sealers, but sometimes you don’t have a choice. Recently, the tank on my 1964 Triumph T100SC started seeping at a spot weld under the right side strut securing the tank kneepad. I didn’t want to repaint the tank, so the easiest fix was to epoxy coat the tank and seal the leak from the inside. 

Fortunately, this is a project within most people’s grasp. It’s not a difficult task, but careful preparation is key, especially if you have an expensive paint job to protect. Materials needed include bolts or rubber plugs to seal the fuel tap threads, a rubber bung to seal the filler neck, plastic wrap and newspapers to protect the paint, rubber gloves to protect your hands, a container for mixing the epoxy, a mixing stick and the sealer, of course. Finally, a clean workspace with enough room to move the tank around so the coating is evenly applied is important.

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