Custom Motorcycle Tips for Handicapped Riders

Reader Contribution by Michael Burgmeyer
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I am a 63 year old handicapped person who loves to ride a motorcycle. Many years ago, I had an accident that injured my left knee, leaving my leg weak and unable to support the bike and myself at a stop sign. My Honda was in storage for some time. During this time, I had additional health problems requiring me to use oxygen 24/7. But I never gave up on my desire to ride. 

After research, I decided on a company in the Chicago area who could convert my bike to a 3-wheeler giving me the stability I needed. The TowPac conversion kit keeps the original two wheels of the motorcycle and adds two additional wheels to the rear of the bike. It attaches with one pin and three bolts making it both easy to connect and disconnect. This gave me the stability I needed. 

Now I needed somewhere to carry my oxygen. I have a portable EverGo oxygen machine that charges using a cigarette lighter. I installed the lighter on the rear fender close to where the machine would sit. I had a bracket made to hold and secure the oxygen machine. 

With all my health issues taken care of, I wanted other custom ideas completed. I added air horns, running lights, dual exhaust extended to go out the back of the bike so my EverGo would not suck in exhaust fumes, removable back pack on the sissy bar, tool pack on the rear, a windshield and decorative decals. The rear of the bike has a heavy duty drop down bumper (like a tailgate). This can hold a cooler, luggage or anything that needs to be hauled. 

Just because a person is handicapped doesn’t meant that they have to give up on their dream of biking. You can conversions done to accommodate your restrictions and still be a biker!

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