Oil-Filled Muffler: Honda CL450

Reader Contribution by Keith Fellenstein
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Oil-filled muffler

Q: While riding my 1971 Honda CL450 one day, a clattering noise came from the engine. When I returned home I left the bike idling in the driveway and soon discovered a pool of oil. One muffler was filled with oil and oil was dripping out through the bottom vent hole. What happened inside the engine that would cause this? — Wes Martin/via email

A: Unfortunately, any number of things could have gone wrong. Did the bike run any differently after you heard the clattering noise? Having one muffler fill with oil makes me wonder if an exhaust valve guide has come loose and is draining oil from the head directly into the exhaust. I’m afraid you’ll have to pull the top off the engine and do more research. MC

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