Triumph Tiger Gauge Vibration

Reader Contribution by Keith Fellenstein
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Q: I have a 1977 Triumph Tiger. I have a recurring problem with both the tachometer and speedometer. At higher speeds (50mph-plus) that generate greater vibration, the entire gauge begins to rotate within the black rubber housing that holds the gauge. As it rotates, the lighting fixture/bulb comes loose and then falls out of the gauge. I then have to remove the gauge and rubber housing from the chrome bracket that holds them, remove the gauge from the rubber housing and then re-seat the gauge so that the opening for the bulb lines up with its matched opening on the rubber housing. You may very well have heard of this before. Any ideas how I can prevent this from happening (besides keeping my speeds under 50mph)? Thanks for your help and for your terrific columns in Motorcycle Classics. — Ron/via email

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