1975 Bultaco Astro 360

1975 Bultaco Astro 360

Country: Spain
Engine: Single cylinder air-cooled two stroke
Ignition: Flywheel magneto
Power Rating: 46bhp
Bore x Stroke: 84.5x64mm
Displacement: 359cc
Fuel System: Single flat slide Mikuni carburetor
Valves: Reed inlet
Transmission: 5-speed, in unit
Suspension: Telescopic front forks, twin rear shocks
Brakes: Rear single disc
Weight: 215lbs.

Unique to the United States, the Astro is a vintage motocross bike conceived to compete at dirt ovals at every small town fairground. Derived from the Pursang motocross model, the Bultaco Astro had a higher output motor, no front brake, shifter and rear brake pedal on both the left and right and a variable wheel base set by special rear wheel adjusters. The name comes from the Houston Astrodome, where this classic motorcycle model had much success.

Published on Apr 18, 2012
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