Gary Jones: Motocross Titles

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Motorcycle race fan: “How many championships ya got?”

Motorcycle racer Gary Jones: “Three or four.”

Winning a national motocross championship is no easy feat, but try winning three or four titles, as Gary Jones did.

Wait a minute, three or four? Which is it … three, or four?

Good question, because Jones’ first AMA 250 National Championship (1971) was soon nullified and later recycled back into the record books, then mothballed again by the AMA. Jones’ overall performance as top-scoring American in the 1971 Inter-AMA Series that pitted Europe’s best racers against America’s growing legion of motocrossers earned him the title. Jones didn’t win the 1971 Inter-AMA Series outright; he scored the most points among American riders. Instead, the experienced European riders dominated the Inter-AMA championship, leaving the Americans to squabble over the AMA National points. Jones’ point tally earned him the AMA’s first 250 motocross national championship. The AMA has since ping-ponged back and forth regarding recognition of Jones’ 1971 national championship status.

  • Updated on Aug 19, 2022
  • Originally Published on Aug 5, 2022
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