Fall 2013 MotoGiro-USA

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Fall registration is now open so hurry and get your application sent in today. For entry and volunteer forms, or if you have questions about entry, visit www.motogiro-usa.com/motogiro-usa.

What a way to spend the autumn riding season with another ride in the foliage of southern Maine on your vintage motorcycle. The MotoGiro-USA offers that one last ride with unforgettable scenery on the back roads of New England and beyond. We are looking forward to another great event with our MotoGiro, Pewter Run and USCRA friends and family.

For the fall 2013 season, we will head off to southern Maine. This will be the first trip to the Sunday River resorts. The MotoGiro-USA will explore the back roads of southern Maine on our 1968 and earlier, 305cc and smaller vintage motorcycles. We welcome most all classic sidecars as well. So contact us to find out if your sidecar is eligible.

So keep checking back with us to keep updated on the MotoGiro-USA. If you have an area you would like to see the MotoGiro-USA held, email us as we would love to hear what you have in mind. The MotoGiro-USA are always looking for new and exciting areas to hold the event. If you have any questions about the fall MotoGiro-USA or any other event in the USCRA, email us. we would love to hear from you. We may post your questions on our FAQ Page.

Each year we see new and returning riders from as close as New England to as far as Hawaii, France and beyond. We have welcomed riders from all over the world to take part in this historic event. With these young and young-at-heart riders, the MotoGiro has bridged the generation Gap, bonded father and son, resurrected old friendships and created new ones. With this event welcoming most every classic sidecar, father and son teams make for a fun and entertaining week-end.

Steve Flach will take lead with his number 1 bib on his Honda CL175K0 as he was the overall winner of the Spring MotoGiro-East. Congratulations to Steve on his 6th win in the MotoGiro-USA series. Not far behind Steve was Devon Frazier of MotoGeezers. Devon was the winner at the MotoGiro-South 2012 event. Let’s not count out MAX BMW’s Chris Moore on his 305cc. Chris is the winner of the 2012 MotoGiro-USA in 2012 at the Beautiful Castle Hill Resort in Cavendish Vt.

If you haven’t planned your family vacation yet, plan it around the MotoGiro-USA. We know money is tight so why not bundle your vacation and MotoGiro-USA event together. We have many new fun actives to offer at Sunday River for this falls event. Bring your significant other, bring your entire family, there will be something for everyone to do. While you’re on your MotoGiro-Ride, your family can take a ride on the zip line or climb the mountain to visit the abominable snowman’s cabin at the summit. We are also offering 9 full days at the MotoGiro-USA room rates. 3 more days before and 3 days after the MotoGiro-USA at the resort with your family and friends. Rates apply with your paid entry to the fall MotoGiro-USA.

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