SOHC/4 Forum Motorcycle Relay Dodges Weather Riding to Virginia

Reader Contribution by The Sohc4 Forum
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Last minute schedule and route adjustments moved the Single Overhead Cam/Four forum motorcycle relay ride from South Carolina to Virginia, avoiding a snowfall if not cool riding conditions on March 25 and 26, 2011. The planned leisurely tour up through North Carolina by Nikkisixx, MarkCB750 and others following the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway became a “mad dash” up the interstates to meet Blueridgerunner at Fancy Gap, Virginia. Over lunch and some hot coffee, the newly made friends talked bikes and calculated that the three had among them well over 100 years of motorcycle riding experience. 

On Saturday, Blueridgerunner had arranged to meet C’villechopper in Roanoke who was making a round-trip from Charlottesville.  Saturday proved to be a dry and sunny day, with Blueridgerunner stopping along the Parkway for some scrapbook-worthy ride photos. Making this six-month-long motorcycle relay/ride by SOHC/Four across the US and Canada are the Forum Ride Banner, a ride log book for participants to sign and the ride mascot, a 10-inch tall Godzilla.

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