J. Wood Announces the Bob Barker Estate Sale

Reader Contribution by The Motorcycle Classics Staff
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Fantastic AJS 7R “Boy Racer” is sure to draw great interest.

The auction of Bob Barker’s collection of vintage motorcycles will be held March 8, 2016. Bob Barker was an aerospace engineer and a road racer in California in the 1960s. Bob got hired by Can Am to work on their motorcycle program and moved to Canada to help develop their new line of competition motorcycles. Bob was happy to work on bikes because working for the government, they were just making expensive stuff that no one was going to use. They next moved him to Gainesville, Florida, which afforded them a good proving ground for the machines as motocross competition was plentiful and year round. Can Am also hired two time world MX Champion, Jeff Smith who worked with Bob and became great friends.

Bob purchased the machinery from Can Am when they ended the project and set up his own shop in Gainesville, so even the machine and fabricating equipment has motorcycle industry history. Bob built up a collection of 55 bikes, and many that we are selling have been owned and raced by Bob since they were new or near new. Bob became the vintage Dunlop race tire distributor and sponsored top vintage racers like Pat Mooney. He was also an AHRMA founder.

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