The Modern Classics Motorcycle Show Happens March 4-5, 2016!

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Can you believe it’s just over 90 days until the 2016 edition of The Modern Classics? Actually, we can, because the show planning committee has been working diligently in both processing early bike nominations and making arrangements for all those elements that make The Modern Classics so very special.

Here are just a few headlines to further whet your interest in this year’s show. 

Ultra rare Britten V1000 to appear at The Modern Classics

New Zealand industrialist John Britten created his World Championship Winning two-wheeled masterpiece in the early 1990s. Only 10 were ever built. We don’t exactly know where the other nine will be, but we do know that the one shown below (SN P0001-the first “production” unit) will spend March 4 and 5 on display at The Modern Classics. Come on out and take an up close and personal look at this rare and unique technical tour-de-force.

Makoto Endo will return to The Modern Classics 2016

Acclaimed artist Makoto Endo delighted The Modern Classics crowd in 2015 with his rendition of a 1931 Indian Scout, created during the course of the show. He returns for 2016 and will again create a piece of museum quality art for one fortunate bike exhibitor.

Featured for 2016 will be the competition machines of “Motocross, Trials, and Enduros.”

Each year at The Modern Classics we allocate approximately half of the 100 show positions to a featured category of motorcycles. Last year it was custom machines. In 2014 it was two-strokes. For 2016 we’ll be highlighting “Motocross, Trials, and Enduros” as our featured group. If you grew up dreaming of competing aboard a BSA Victor, a Honda Elsinore, or maybe an RM250 Suzuki then this show should really light you up. Likewise for those whose bedroom walls were adorned with posters of personal heroes like Joel Robert, Bob “Hurricane” Hannah, or maybe even Steve McQueen. These segments of two-wheeled sport underwent transformational change during the period from the 1960s through the early ’90s and we’ll do our very best to capture it all!

Just a reminder that bike nominations for the 2016 edition of The Modern Classics are open! Submit now!

Your Modern Classics selection committee is processing bike nominations on an almost daily basis. Got a bike from the ’60s through the early 1990s that you think would be a candidate for The Modern Classics? Give us a shout at

We’d need a quick description — pedigree, history, condition, etc., as well as 3-5 photos in order for the Planning Committee to give consideration to your pride and joy! As The Modern Classics has grown in scope and impact, and the number of nominees has grown almost exponentially, the process of paring down the list of nominees to the 100 bikes for each year’s show has become considerably more selective. Our best suggestion is that you get nominations in early and include pics with your submission that show your bike to its best effect! Want more info? Got questions? Go to–nominate-your-bike or simply email or give us a call. Good luck!

By the way, here’s a list of bikes that we might be interested in finding for the 2016 show as we flesh out the “Motocross, Trials, and Enduros” portion of the display. Any leads or tips greatly appreciated. And, as always, we’re on the lookout for the “standard” classics of the ’60s through the early ’90s too! If you’re in doubt, give us a shout!

• AJS 250 Stormer
• AJS Metisse
• BSA 441 Victor
• Other BSA?
• Cotton — any
• Can-Am — any
• Greeves — any
• Matchless G85
• Harley-Davidson (Aermacchi) MX250
• Yamaha DT1MX, AT1MX
• 1975 Yamaha YZ250
• Other Yamaha DTs, YZs
• 1960s CZ — any
• DKW — any
• Ossa — any
• Kawasaki – Any motocross or trials
• 1960s Husqvarna — any
• Maico 125 or 250 — any
• Any 1980s KTM
• Any Montesa Motocrosser
• Any Bultaco Motocrosser
• Any Penton
• Hodaka Super Rat
• 1973 Honda CR250 Elsinore
• 1980s Honda CR250Rs
• 1981 Suzuki RM125
• Other Suzuki RMs
• Triumph — “desert sled” race bike
• Rickman framed — any
• Cheney framed — any

That’s just about the scoop for the moment but keep your eyes open for more info as we work our way toward the sixth edition of The Modern Classics in March. This is gonna be BIG!

Happy holidays to everyone!


Jack Broomall
Show Director
248-345-0226 (cell)

Martin Motorsports
1037 Unger Drive
Boyertown, PA 19512

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