Motorcycle Touring by River Ferry

Reader Contribution by Ben W. Wright
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I have been a touring motorcyclist since 1971 when I bought a new Honda CB750. Over the years I have been fortunate to tour in 46 of our 50 States. Needless to say I have seen many of the great wonders of this land either on purpose or by accident. I enjoy the motorcycle ride if it be a short ride for breakfast or a cross country trip just for the sheer pleasure of riding.

Two years ago I started a project for my travels: motorcycle touring by river ferry. On one of my tours in Kentucky I found seven river ferrys. I rode six of them and would have rode the seventh but it was closed. Maybe next trip.

I found ferrys that serviced anywhere from six to 300 vehicles per day depending on location and time of year. One ferry that I located had been in service at the same crossing since 1785. No mistake here, 1785. Talk about history.

Several of the ferrys were off the beaten path and were difficult to find. Most were free but the most I paid was $2.00 crossing the Ohio River at Cincinnati.

The joy of riding a motorcycle on the secondary roads. No traffic. Not knowing what you will see around the next curve. You know what I’m talking about.

Next year I will be headed for Tennessee and more ferry rides. Another note: I have mounted a video camera to my motorcycle and will be putting together videos of my travels. 

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