Big Deals on Small Wheels: 1950-1966 Cushman Eagle Scooter

1950-1966 Cushman Eagle, 1960-1964 Mustang Thoroughbred, and 1960-1965 Harley-Davidson Topper.

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1950-1966 Cushman Eagle Scooter

  • Claimed power: 8hp (Husky M8 engine), 9hp (OMC M9 engine)
  • Top speed: 50-55mph
  • Engine: Husky M8, fan-cooled, side-valve single, 318cc (76.2mm x 69.85mm), OMC M9 fan-cooled OHV single, 354cc (89mm x 57mm)
  • Updated on Dec 16, 2022
  • Originally Published on Dec 14, 2022
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