1967 BSA Hornet

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This beautifully restored BSA Hornet belies its history as a racing bike.
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The cockpit of the Hornet was simple, having only a speedometer.
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Gar Edwards riding his BSA Hornet.
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Restored detailing on a cover panel.
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1967 BSA Hornet.
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BSA made "East Coast" and "West Coast" Hornets. This is East Coast version with high pipes and a smaller oil tank.
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Gary Edwards’ BSA Hornet is perfect, right down to the Dunlop K70 tires.

1967 BSA Hornet
Years produced: 1964-1967
Claimed power: 53.5hp @ 6,800rpm
Top speed: 102 mph
Engine type: 654cc air-cooled OHV parallel twin
Weight (dry): 382lb (173kg)
Price then: $1,182 (1965)
Price now: $4,000-$6,000
MPG: 40-50 (est.)

Powering along in low gear, you ignore the heat enveloping you. Despite the bandanna over your face, alkali dust fills your nose, but you stay fixed on negotiating the washed-out gullies and rapidly changing terrain.

Two more turns and you give your 1967 BSA Hornet the gas, running up the gears as the trail straightens out and the checkpoint in the distance comes into focus. There’s no one in front of you, and your watch says you’re on time. You’re winning. Focusing on your line, you completely forget about the heat.

Let’s Go Racing

The Sixties were boom times for motorcycles and off-road motorcycle racing. Stoked by Baby Boomers who were just entering their teens and helped by Honda’s campaign to convince Americans that “you meet the nicest people” on two wheels, motorcycle sales shot from less than 60,000 in 1960 to 609,000 imports alone in 1965. While most of these were small-displacement Japanese and Italian bikes, more than 33,000 were imported from England, mostly 500cc and 650cc Triumph and BSA motorcycles.

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