Triumph T20M Cub Restoration

Reader Contribution by Mc Staff
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Restoration of a Triumph T20M Cub was Andy Granovsky’s most challenging project to date.

I just bought your November/December 2012 issue and had to write you. I have a 1966 Triumph T20M Cub that I got a few years ago and finally got around to restoring. It turned out to be more expensive and time-consuming than my 1969 Bonneville or my 1969 TR6C Trophy. I’m still working on the tuning. It turns out to have a Harmon-Collins street/drag cam with way more valve overlap then the Triumph R sports cam and a 10.5:1 piston. It is the hardest-starting bike I’ve ever had! It looks so innocent.

I also own a 1971 BMW R75/5 that I restored 15 years ago. I installed R90/6 cylinders and heads, and a 5-speed transmission. It is the perfect weekend cruiser. — Andy Granovsky/via email

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