The Ducati Superbike Concorso returns

Reader Contribution by Landon Hall
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Keith Hale’s lovely 100,000+ mile 1974 Ducati 750 Super Sport is just one of
many great Ducatis entered in the Online Round of the Ducati Superbike Concorso.

After a great showing in its’ first year, the Ducati’s Superbike Concorso is back for another year. Consisting of five rounds of shows, each has a Grand prize trip to Italy to visit the Ducati factory and the Milan Motorcycle show as VIP guests, along with six other runner up prizes, the Concorso is both a gorgeous showing of great Ducati machinery from the past and present, and a chance for Ducatisti to compete for the trip of a lifetime.

Round three is this coming weekend, August 1-3, at Mid-Ohio in Lexington, Ohio. Round four will be at the MotoGP races in Indianapolis, Ind., Sept. 12-14.

The Online Round is ongoing, and you can visit and vote by going  here. If you have a Ducati superbike you’d like to enter, go here.

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