John Rose’s 1967 Suzuki T200 X5 Invader

Reader Contribution by John Rose
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Reader John Rose’s 1967 Suzuki T200 X5 Invader.Photo by John Rose.

I’m 62 and have been getting bike mags since 1970. Your mag is the best. Because of my age it has all the stuff I like to read about. Because of your last mag write-up of the Suzuki GT185 I just had to write. Many people do not remember the Suzuki T200 X5 Invader. Mine is a 1967. I’m writing because of the great motor and handling it has. The motor pulls so strongly with its low-down rpm. It is amazing for a 200. The motor does not have to rev like the Suzuki GT185 or the Yamaha RD200 or other bikes in its class. It pulls like my T350 Suzuki down low. Any gear, any rpm, any time. Top speed at 88mph also makes it the fastest stock 200 in the world. As you can see, I love my little Suzuki. It was my dream bike when I was a kid. I had only seen one other one when I was 15 and promised myself someday I would have one. I finally found one in 1982 and still ride it. The best thing is it was free. It was leaning on the wall of a house outside in San Diego, California, and the old guy said I could have it. Now I’m the old guy. Keep up the great work. — John Rose/Pennsylvania

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