Ken Stuart’s 1983 Yamaha Vision

A reader shares his 1983 Yamaha Vision that he’s ridden across Canada eight times.

Reader Contribution by Ken Stuart
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by Ken Stuart

Just a quick note to mention how much I enjoy your magazine. As a Canadian reader, I really appreciate the fact that your prices are the same across the border.

I must say you also have a great deal of Canadian content as well, which brings me to Tony Cording’s 1959 Royal Enfield. I first met Tony at the 1983 Calgary winter motorcycle show and we had corresponded about a 1982 Yamaha Vision that I was having problems with. The issue was resolved with a set of 1983-model carburetors. I have since had many BMWs and other Yamahas but my favorite ride is a 1983 Vision with Euro gears and Krauser bags. I have been across Canada from Ontario to British Columbia eight times on this bike and have had no issues. I guess I can thank Tony for his help way back in his regional manager’s time as I’ve enjoyed these bikes since. Great article and thanks again for the Canadian content.

— Ken Stuart/via email


What a cool Vision! How wild that you sent this in just as our On the Radar column this issue features the 1982-1983 Yamaha Vision. — Ed.

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