Randy Trom’s Yamaha Twin Jet 100 and Trailmaster 100

Reader Contribution by Randy Trom
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Randy Trom’s lovely 1967 Yamaha Trailmaster 100 YL2C (left) and 1967 Yamaha Twin Jet 100 YL1E (right). Too cool. Photo courtesy Randy Trom

Great tiddlers

One of the columns I always look forward to is Under the Radar. I found the September/October 2017 feature on the 1964-1969 Honda S90 of particular interest. The motorcycles of that era were a big part of my youth. However, I’d like to offer alternatives to the “Contenders” to the Honda S90. Although the Suzuki Sport 80 and Kawasaki 80 are worthy contenders, I believe a few other bikes of that time may have proven equal to, or even more memorable, popular and competitive to the Honda S90. Worthy of note is the Yamaha Twin Jet 100, Bridgestone 90 Sport, and the Yamaha Trailmaster 100 and 80. Keep up the good work and enjoy a couple of gems from my “tiddler” collection, a blue-and-silver 1967 Yamaha Twin Jet 100 YL1E, and a 1967 (registered in 1968) Yamaha Trailmaster 100 YL2C. They’ve been restored to near-concours condition.

Randy Trom

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