Reproduction Yamaha Crank Shaft Pins by HVCcycle

Reader Contribution by The Motorcycle Classics Staff
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Yamaha Crank Shaft Big End Pin: 156-11681-00-00

HVCcycle now has for purchase reproduction Yamaha crank shaft pins. The original crank shaft pins are no longer available from Yamaha and are nearly impossible to find. These reproduction pins are made to the exact specs of an original in both size and hardness, and were produced because HVCcycle couldn’t find good originals and needed to complete an engine build.

These crank shaft pins can be used on the following:
• 1965 Yamaha TD1B
• 1970-71 Yamaha TD2, TD2B
• 1965-66 Yamaha YDS3, YDS3C
• 1965-67 Yamaha YM1, YM1S, YM2C
• 1967 Yamaha YDS5
• 1969-1970 Yamaha DS6

They are $130 each and can be purchased on the HVCcycle website. Quantities are limited.

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