Honda CT70 Alternator Woes

Reader Contribution by Keith Fellenstein
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Alternator woes

Q: I have a 1970 Honda CT70 HK0 model (this is a 4-speed manual clutch model and different than the CT70K0 3-speed automatic clutch model). I need to rebuild the Mitsubishi alternator/stator assembly. The Honda schematic is unclear as to which lighting coil goes with the Mitsubishi assembly. I currently have the primary coil, points and condenser for this rebuild. Again I only need the Honda part number for the Mitsubishi lighting coil so I can try and track one down. — Tim/Colorado


A: My usual go-to site for parts numbers doesn’t list numbers for items that are no longer available, so I tried There, they list the lighting coil as 03114098741. There are several entries for that item. Most show that it’s no longer available, but one shows they have three left. It could be a quirk of the website database, but may be worth pursuing. Another place to look if you don’t mind a little experimenting would be They specialize in mopeds, and have lighting coils that might be adapted to work with your CT70. If you currently have a coil but it just doesn’t work, maybe an auto electric shop that rewinds starters and generators would be able to rewind your coil.

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