1985 Suzuki Madura Fuel Pump Issues

A reader needs to find a new fuel pump for his Suzuki Madura. Can he locate a suitable replacement?

Reader Contribution by Anthony Valdes
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by Keith Fellenstein

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Q: Hi, Keith! I’m having fuel issues with my 1985 Suzuki Madura and after spending hours online reading different forums, I’ve concluded that I probably need a new fuel pump. Problem is I can’t seem to find one for my bike anywhere! I read your answer to someone’s question about their Madura being hard to start and you suggested a new fuel pump and said that you found an inexpensive one at NAPA. I cant seem to locate any technical info on the stock pump and therefore I don’t exactly know what I’m looking for. What did you find at NAPA?
Anthony Valdes/via email

A: It’s been so long I can’t remember which fuel pump I got at NAPA, but what you want is a 12-volt 3 or 4psi pump. I see that folks are installing Yamaha V-Max pumps or copies, and a quick search of eBay shows several choices. Good luck!

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