Suzuki T20 Charging Issues

Reader Contribution by Keith Fellenstein
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Q:  My father and I are restoring a Suzuki T20. It’s all going great and we’ve had it running quite nicely. We have noticed that it isn’t charging the battery, though. We removed and checked the rectifier and that seems OK (resistance is only showing one way). We have had an ammeter in line with the battery and you can see the current draw as you turn on the ignition, then more as the lights come on, but when it’s running it doesn’t change. We have a Suzuki Hustler that’s been a temporary parts bike and removed the alternator off that to swap. With them both on the bench we tested the continuity of the coils and found the T20 only had one good pair to the Hustlers’ three! Thinking this was the fault we rebuilt the alternator. Now we can’t get it to run? The lights come on, but there appears to be no spark. We have checked and rechecked the connections, but wondered if you have any advice.

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